Committee News February 2023

In September 2022 we had an evening of members’ photos of the Bournemouth to Bath Road Run providing an enjoyable nostalgic evening when we viewed 250 of the 500 photographs, so there are plenty left for a future occasion! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The Autumn Coach trip to the SS Great Britain was well supported and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, which despite the torrential rain in the early morning turned into a bright sunny day in Bristol.

The October meeting “Accidents that changed our Railways” and the November meeting “Halley VI” about the British Antarctic Survey science station both contained many interesting facts.

Thirty of us enjoyed the Christmas Lunch at The George Inn at Longbridge Deverill which this year was at lunchtime rather than in the evening, which proved to be a popular change and a nice start to Christmas.

There was not a meeting in January and the February meeting, the AGM, will take place on Wednesday 1st March due to another pre-booked event at the Rugby Club on our normal last Wednesday of the month.

The Gillingham Gathering will be the first main event of the year on the last Sunday of February. Please note and spread the word to any non-members you know who usually attend, that Entry Forms (available to download from the website) are required this year due to the likely shortage of parking spaces.

In future years we will not have a January meeting, but we will be putting in an extra meeting in August, which this year will be a ride on an historic bus with a stop for lunch. Details still to be confirmed.

Another change from next year is that there will not be a January mailing, but instead the diary card etc. will be sent out with the February Bulletin to save money on the ever-increasing postage costs.

Your committee would welcome your feedback on the planned changes and indeed on any other items.